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The Public Relations and Collaborations office recognizes the fact that no organization can stand on its own and hence the need for collaborative linkages that allow for adequate information exchange and networking at all levels in order to promote extensive linkages of collaboration in Higher Education within the parameters of new trends of the 21st century. Our main goal is to develop synergetic relationships, linkages and collaboration on issues such as curriculum development, industrial consulting, capacity building and research. The office has continued to establish and nurture linkages and partnerships with local and international institutions. The Public Relations arm helps to maintain mutual relations and understanding between the Institute and its public.

Some of the functions include:

  • Facilitating and managing inter-institutional agreements
  • Promoting and nurturing collaboration and partnership with other institutions of higher learning, organizations and communities
  • Planning and coordinating partnerships / collaboration activities
  • Preparing position papers on issues of importance to the Institute
  • Establishing and maintaining contacts with the mass media
  • Maintaining good guest relations
  • Preparing and publishing publicity materials for the Institute