The Library acquires and disseminates information that is relevant to the courses offered in Kist. It helps all students and academic staff to carry out research and assignments by making all the information materials easily accessible.

The Library ensures conducive reading atmosphere for its users. It is stocked with printed books, computers to assist with obtaining information from the internet, periodicals, projects, revision materials and course outlines.

Library services include circulation of Library information materials, specific dissemination of information, current awareness services, and reference services among others.

The Library has qualified staff hence they are able to assist the Library users while studying and doing research work by looking for information needed, in the books and online resources


Library collections
  • Books They are borrowed either as :
  • Normal loan which is a duration of two weeks or
  • Short loan which begins at 3.30pm to the following day at 10.30am.
  • Periodicals: They include the local daily newspapers and different serials.
  • Trade projects and Business plans: Have been written by former students.
  • Course outlines: For all the coursres offered in the institution
  • Library E-resources

    • OPAC
    • This is the Online Public Access Catalogue where all the Library information materials are listed. The users are able to access the resources in the Library through author, title or the subject access points.

    • Past papers
    • These are mainly past national examination papers . They are important for revision purposes

    • ICT:
    • The ict section in the Library helps Library users access the internet for which they use for their research assignments.


  • Borrowing Services
  • Most books are available for borrowing but reference books like dictionaries, Trade projects and business plans are read inside the library. Only bonafide students and staff are eligible for borrowing books.

  • Reservation/Recall Service
  • The ABN Library System allows a library user to reserve books for themselves. However reserved books are kept at the circulation counter so that the library staff can control its movement as it is used inside the library, before the one who reserved it can collect it

    Reservation can also be done at the circulation counter.

    As soon as an item is returned, the awaiting user is notified. They have to collect it before 5.00pm the same day after which it may be returned to the shelves or issued to the next person in the waiting list.

  • Reference Service
  • This is carried out at the circulation counter. The library users ask questions and the library staff seeks to assist the user so as to serve them the right information materials.

  • Library Orientation
  • The new students are taken through Library Orientation. During this time the students are introduced to Library Services so that they will be able to utilize the information materials effectively.

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