Sports and Games

Sports and games activities have continued to increase in the Institute since 2011. We started with 5 teams in 2011 but now have a total of 9 teams. We are expecting to encompass all sporting activities in the near future. These segments of co-curriculum activities have continued to play a crucial part in nurturing talents amongst students. Currently, there are 5 men and 4 women registered sports and games teams in different disciplines.

The Institute participates in games and sports at both friendly and competitive levels. The major competitions include Kenya Technical Training Institutions Sports Organization (KETTISO) championships at both Regional and National levels. The Institute teams have been performing well at all levels. KIST has been a champion in the region in Rugby, Basketball men and Football women for the last three years. And the said teams have done quite well in the National games.


  • Football Team
  • Basketball Team
  • Rugby Team

Rugby Team

Ladies Football