Research & Development

R & D

A coordinator heads the R & D committee as currently constituted. The Committee comprises of five members chaired by the coordinator

The duties and responsibilities of the committee are as follows:-

  • To develop, implement and annually review the Institute’s research policy and strategies within the approved framework
  • To Make recommendations on the direction, themes and focus of R & D activities within the institute
  • To establish local, regional and global research partnerships/ collaboration.
  • To Make recommendations on the development of R & D funding, capacity and infrastructure
  • To conduct research on areas of concern to the Institute and coordinate students’ innovations in accordance with the policy
  • To make recommendations on the modalities for Patenting of Innovations and Knowledge Management
  • To ensure dissemination of research findings and innovations through various fora
  • To meet regularly –at least four times per year- to monitor and evaluate the R & D progress
  • To maintain records and minutes of committee meetings
  • To perform any other related duties as assigned by the Principal
  • To prepare and submit quarterly to the Principal and other relevant offices as per the performance contract.